Cyberknife offers an innovative and evidence based treatment alternative for a variety of tumors throughout the body. Patient movement is automatically detected and corrected up to sub-millimetre accuracy. Using this ultra fast correction technology it is possible to provide high precision radiosurgical treatment of tumors without invasive fixing of the head or other regions of the body.

The Munich Cyberknife Center has been using the innovative CyberKnife® M6™ System since 2012. With the adoption of the new InCise 2 MLC, the Munich CyberKnife Center continues to provide its patients with cutting-edge treatments.

The Munich Cyberknife Center has a professional experience of more than 10.000 treatments. It is a cooperation Center of the two largest University Hospitals in Germany (University Hospital of Munich and University Hospital Charite Berlin).


Understandable, informative and personal: Patients share their experiences about their Cyberknife radiosurgical treatment.

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Treating my prostate cancer with the Cyberknife method has maintained my quality of life. At the time, my greatest concerns and fears were that cancer treatment would mean having to deal with serious and onerous complications as a result. But I was able to continue with my normal daily routine immediately after Cyberknife treatment. Today – several years after treatment – my PSA values are below 1ng/dl and I am in good physical shape.


10.000 treatments

Reference centre

20 years of experience
in radiosurgery

Cost Coverage

Generally, tumors in all parts of the body with a positive indication for radiosurgical therapy can be treated with the Cyberknife. Tumors, for example, must not be too large and must have clear boundaries. In these cases, Cyberknife technology can be used as an alternative to surgery or radiation therapy lasting several weeks.


The European Radiosurgery Center Munich is one of the world’s leading centers for radiosurgery. It has the latest generation of Cyberknife technology (Cyberknife M6) including Multileaf Collimator (MLC). Even if the centers processes are highly optimized, it offers individual and friendly service. Patients needs are always in focus.

The Cyberknife system is used for radiosurgical treatment of tumours in all parts of the body. Its technology is unique and based on the optimal interaction between a digital imaging system and a robot-guided radiation technique.

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Addresses to patient organisations, self-help groups and comprehensible information about Cyberknife therapy – let us accompany you personally through the entire treatment process, but also through our app and exchange ideas with other patients!

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Radiosurgery is the high-precision and high-dose irradiation of a precisely defined target volume (tumour). It is usually performed in one session lasting about 30 minutes. Radiosurgery is the treatment of tumours in the head or body. The tumour cells are killed in this method.

The radiation unit rotates around the patient – typically 150 – 250 (out of 3,000 possible) directions of irradiation are used during treatment. The beams cross each other in the tumour in such a way that the tumour-destroying dose is reached there. Due to the highly concentrated radiation, the diseased cells are “biologically eliminated” by damaging their genetic material (DNA), while the healthy surrounding tissue is spared to the maximum.

Cyberknife treatment (radiosurgery) “fires” a tumor from many different directions with high-energy light particles (photons). Central to the tumor comes the effective dose. Only diseased cells are reached and destroyed in their genetic structure – the tumor dies. In the period of a few weeks to months, it forms back. In rare cases, the tumor swells after treatment. This is mostly temporary and is easy to control.

Usually, one application is sufficient to successfully eliminate the tumor. Depending on the type and location, the treatment can be divided into one to five sessions. Should further tumors or metastases form in the body, Cyberknife therapy can be applied again. The Cyberknife technology works so precisely that the administered dose only reaches the tumor and spares surrounding tissue, organs or nerves.

The Cyberknife system is developed for radiosurgical treatment of tumors and lesions throughout the body. The current therapeutic spectrum includes the following diseases in the head: acoustic neuromas / vestibular schwannomas, meningiomas, angiomas – arteriovenous malformations (AVM), metastases, trigeminal neuralgia and choroidal melanomas. In the body and organs Cyberknife is also used: prostate (prostate cancer), spine/spinal cord (metastases, spinal neurinomas, spinal meningiomas), lung (bronchial carcinomas stage I/II, metastases), liver (primary hepatocellular carcinomas, metastases), kidneys (renal cell, urothelial carcinomas).

The Cyberknife always hits only the tumor exactly – the healthy tissue is optimally spared. A precision robot places the high radiosurgical dose precisely in the tumor from many directions. Movements of the target volume (tumor) are detected by an image localization system and compensated for by the robot. In the case of respiratory tumors, a 3D camera additionally records the external respiration in order to dynamically track the beam to the target – the robot “breathes” with it.


The European Radiosurgery Center Munich has been the International Reference Center of the manufacturer Accuray since January 2017.

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Funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Nursing

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