“My Cyberknife App”:

Exclusively for ERCM patients

This app accompanies cyberknife patients of the ERCM in detail through the entire treatment process.

The important things are always in view:

This is how the Cyberknife app supports you in ensuring that your treatment runs smoothly and is successfully completed

  • Individual management of the entire treatment process
  • Maintenance of treatment appointments in the calendar
  • Reminders for important appointments
  • Comprehensive information on all treatment phases
  • Management of check-ups
  • Individual route planning for your personal journey
  • 100% anonymous
  • Also works offline

Free and convenient:

Download “My Cyberknife App” now and benefit from a wide range of features

The app also works offline, so you can keep track of your treatment even when there is no network coverage.

100% data protection

“Not only do we care about the progress of your treatment, but we also care about protecting your privacy. Therefore, the app has no connection to servers or the Internet. No data is exchanged online, only downloading the app from the app store requires an internet connection”.

No personal information is requested. Only the selection of the treatment indication and the treating physician is required for the full functionality of the app.

Dr medical Alfred Haidenberger
Radiation oncologist