Cyberknife- technology treats tumors on an outpatient basis and is so comfortable for patients.

The Cyberknife treatment: For optimal therapy

Our patients expect the best possible treatment for their indication. We achieve this by performing only those treatments that make sense and where the technologies we use provide superior outcomes.

The treatment is quick, short and gentle, with few side effects and no rehabilitation required. You will be cared for by our world-class team of experts before, during and after treatment.

Multiple advantages

If the indication criteria for Cyberknife or ZAP-X therapy are met, the treatment offers numerous advantages for the patient.

  • No surgery
  • No pain
  • No anesthesia
  • Short duration of treatment
  • Organ and function preservation
  • No head frame
  • No fixation
  • Short treatment time
  • No everyday restrictions
  • No hospital stay
  • No rehabilitation

Cutting edge medical technology

In contrast to conventional radiotherapy, radiosurgery is usually performed in a single session or, in individual cases, in up to five sessions. The high-end medical technology of the Cyberknife system allows even very irregularly shaped tumors in sensitive brain regions (such as the visual or auditory nerve) to be treated without damage.

The Cyberknife system combines three innovative developments in advanced medical technology:

1. Precision Robotics

The first innovation is an extremely lightweight and compact radiotherapy unit attached to a robotic arm. This means that all areas of the body can be reached for optimal treatment.

2. Digital Imaging Location System

The second development is a computer-controlled image localization system. With this technology, the Cyberknife system can locate the tumor throughout the treatment and automatically compensate for small movements of the patient.

3. Breathing Compensation

The third technical specialty is the ability to precisely follow tumors that move with breathing with the treatment beam. Lung, liver and kidney tumors can often be eliminated in a single session with this technology.

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