Walter P., diagnosis prostate carcinoma (Gleason 7)

Cyberknife treatment 2020

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Gleason 7 prostate cancer and the doctors recommended “active surveillance”. Over the years, the PSA level has slowly deteriorated and the size of the carcinoma has remained constant. The doctors’ recommendations ranged from “Keep watching! You will die with this carcinoma rather than from it” to “Surgical removal of the prostate, the carcinoma can become aggressive at any time!”

The development of the PSA values spoke against further observation, and the risk of incontinence and potency spoke against surgery. That’s why I decided to have the Cyberknife treatment in Munich in 2020.

I met a highly professional team around Dr Muacevic and Dr Haidenbeger in Munich in September 2020, the outpatient radiation sessions (duration per session 30 minutes) took place on 5 consecutive days and apart from a strong urge to urinate and weaker erectile function in the first weeks, I experienced no side effects. Since then, I have had no problems urinating or having sexual intercourse.

Today, 9 months after the Cyberknife treatment, the tumour is no longer detectable in the sonography and the PSA value has reduced to around 1.0. For me, CYBERKNIFE radiotherapy was absolutely the right answer to the choice between further uncertainty and the risks of surgery.