What our patients say

Find out first-hand about the very personal experiences our patients have had with treatment at the ERCM.

Walter P.

Diagnosis prostate carcinoma (Gleason 7)
Year of Cyberknife treatment: 2020

I was diagnosed with Gleason 7 prostate cancer in 2012 and the doctors recommended “active surveillance”. Over the years, the PSA level has slowly deteriorated and the size of the carcinoma has remained constant. The doctors’ recommendations went from “Keep watching! You are more likely to die with this carcinoma than from it” to “Surgical removal of the prostate, the carcinoma can become aggressive at any time!”

The development of the PSA values spoke against further observation, and the risk of incontinence and potency spoke against surgery. That’s why I then decided on the Cyberknife treatment in Munich in 2020.

I met a highly professional team around Dr. Muacevic and Dr. Haidenbeger in Munich in September 2020, the outpatient radiation units (duration per unit 30 minutes) took place on 5 consecutive days and apart from a strong urge to urinate and weaker erectile function in the first weeks, I experienced no side effects. Since then I have had no problems with urination or sexual intercourse.

Today, 9 months after the Cyberknife treatment, the tumour is no longer detectable in the sonography and the PSA level has reduced to around 1.0. For me, CYBERKNIFE radiotherapy was absolutely the right answer to the choice between further uncertainty and the risks of surgery.

Karl-Heinz E.

Diagnosis choroidal melanoma
Cyberknife treatment 2011

“The Cyberknife radiation didn’t hurt at all and it only took one session, which was over after 25 minutes. The “radiation robot” saved my eye. It borders on a miracle what modern technology can do in medicine.”

Natasha H. McD.

Diagnosis brain tumour (meningioma)
Cyberknife treatment 2015

“My brain is my personality! I therefore wanted a safe and effective treatment without the side effects that would have been possible with surgery. I was even able to leave the Cyberknife centre directly after my treatment and enjoy sightseeing in Munich.”

Ronald H.

Diagnosis prostate carcinoma
Cyberknife treatment 2012

“The treatment of my prostate cancer with the Cyberknife method has preserved my quality of life. Most of my worries and fears at the time were caused by the thought of suffering severe and stressful complications from tumour treatment. But directly after the Cyberknife therapy, I was able to resume my usual everyday life. Today – a few years after the treatment – my PSA values are below 1ng/dl and my physical condition is good.”

Ute H.

Diagnosis Arteriovenous Malformation
Cyberknife treatment 2007

“I tolerated the outpatient treatment of my vascular tumour in the brain very well and went straight home by underground afterwards. I had no side effects whatsoever and I was amazed not to have noticed any symptoms during the whole time until today – 8 years after the one-time treatment. There is no need to be afraid of the Cyberknife treatment.”

Johannes W.

Diagnosis acoustic neuroma
Cyberknife treatment 2006

“The Cyberknife treatment enabled me to resume my hobbies of mountain biking and climbing in a very short time. The treatment was completely painless and I was able to go back to my home country Austria afterwards. I am glad to have avoided a major operation and longer periods of downtime. In the meantime, many years have passed and I am still doing well.”

Iden J.

Diagnosis Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)
Cyberknife treatment 2005

“All the other doctors I went to refused my treatment. The doctors at the Cyberknife Centre were able to give me new courage. My symptoms such as concentration problems, severe headaches and twitching in my leg disappeared within the first 3 months after the treatment. I am glad to have had the Cyberknife treatment.”